Kaltura and other Teaching with Technology Updates

This message was sent on Sept. 4 from Steve Cramer, vice provost for instructional continuity and academic affairs, and Lois Brooks, chief information officer and vice provost for information technology, to all faculty and instructors teaching this fall 2020, as well as deans, associate deans and department chairs.

We are committed to providing you with learning technologies that effectively and efficiently support your teaching. We briefly want to share recent developments.

  1. Like you, we are very concerned about the intermittent issues this week with Kaltura MediaSpace and the Kaltura Canvas integration as instructors across the nation upload content. While the vendor has doubled capacity in recent days and addressed some errors, issues remain and the university continues to communicate with them and research options. There are not great alternatives for us at the moment and we do believe the issues will be resolved in the coming days. For now, our best advice is to retry after 20 minutes, focus on most immediate needs instead of uploading much of the semester’s content, and keeping videos under 6 minutes. We are monitoring this situation closely and seeking resolution. (9/9/20 Update: Due to ongoing issues, the Learn@UW-Madison team has developed a KnowledgeBase document outlining how WebEx, Zoom, Canvas and Google Drive can be used as temporary alternatives.)
  2. Students would like to know more about their course and hear from you. Please publish your Canvas course site and communicate about your course early and often to your students. Prior to the semester, all timetable courses had a course shell in Canvas created. If you plan to use the course shell, please follow this process to publish your course. Once you do that, you can access the university syllabus template through Canvas as an alternative to the Word template.
  3. In time for the new semester, the university now provides:

Technical support for these and other tools are available through the DoIT Help Desk.

Steve Cramer – Vice Provost for Instructional Continuity and Academic Affairs

Lois Brooks – Chief Information Officer and Vice Provost for Information Technology