Credit Hours, Class Time, Voting Resources and Lecture Capture Reservations

This message was sent on Oct. 6 from Steve Cramer, vice provost for instructional continuity and academic affairs, to all faculty and instructors teaching this fall 2020, as well as deans, associate deans and department chairs.

Time. These times continue to be strange and difficult. Some days seem to pass in an instant, while others seamlessly blend together. As we move further into the semester, I wanted to share some time-related guidance for you and your courses:

  • Keep your courses aligned with their designated credit hours. We are hearing from students that some instructors appear to be assigning significantly more course work than meets the designated credit hour. For instance, one, 50-minute class period should carry the expectation that students will work on course learning activities (reading, writing, problem sets, studying, etc.) for 2 hours out of the classroom – no matter the modality.
  • Keep to your scheduled class times for synchronous course meetings. Student feedback suggests that instructors are increasingly exceeding scheduled course meeting times. While our schedules may be very different from prior semesters, it is important that we maintain some semblance of routine and structure, and allow our students to do the same and plan accordingly (including being able to use or reserve on-campus spaces for virtual learning).
  • Election Day is soon – share voting information with your students. View this slide from the Badger Vote Coalition for non-partisan voting information you can share. Passions and reactions will likely be running high. View this “Quick Guide” for resources on how to address and engage in discussions around elections. Be sure to stay nonpartisan. And please be cautious of scheduling major course assessments that will require extensive time on election day, Nov. 3, or the following day.
  • Reserving time in lecture capture rooms. If your course has moved to remote instruction, you can still request access to lecture-capture classrooms for video recording. Please work through your curricular representative who can submit the request on your behalf and address your lecture-capture room needs. Reservations are always required for lecture-capture rooms (including evenings and weekends).

Please remember university employees may not engage in political campaign activity during work time and may not use state resources for political campaign activity at any time; employees also may not solicit political contributions or services from other employees while they are performing their official duties. For more information, please read this guidance.

Thank you for your continued efforts in these challenging times.

Steve Cramer – Vice Provost for Instructional Continuity and Academic Affairs