New Archival Process for Blackboard Collaborate

This message was sent on Dec. 3 from Steve Cramer, vice provost for instructional continuity and academic affairs, to all faculty and academic staff. 

This message is intended for those who have used or may use Blackboard Collaborate to create and save media. Please disregard if this does not impact you.

The pandemic continues to provide increased usage of digital tools and challenges for the vendors providing these tools. Starting this month, media created and saved in Blackboard Collaborate (BBC) will be automatically archived in Kaltura MediaSpace before being deleted. This includes existing recordings as well as any new recordings.

This is part of a new media management process that the University of Wisconsin System implemented on December 2 to address dramatic increases in the volume of recordings and strict vendor limits on allocated storage.

The following are key points on how the new process may impact your media or another user’s media you share as instructors in a Canvas course:

  • Beginning on January 4, 2021, new recordings in BBC will be automatically copied over to Kaltura MediaSpace and a confirmation email will be sent to the user with the new location. After 45 days, the media will be deleted from BBC (but remain in Kaltura).
  • Media saved in BBC between August 2019 and December 2020 will be copied over to Kaltura MediaSpace before being deleted in BBC this month or 45 days after creation, whichever is later.
  • The small amount of media saved before August 2019 has been deleted from BBC.
  • Only media set to allow public access (the default setting) will be archived. Users who have unchecked that setting in BBC will be responsible for moving or otherwise saving the recording themselves before the 45 days is up.
  • Once the media has been moved to Kaltura, you can embed or reconnect it in your Canvas course by following these instructions.

The DoIT Help Desk, as well as the university’s instructional technologists, are available to help you adjust to these changes and minimize the impact to your instructional plans.

For more details about the project impacting all UWS schools, please refer to this news item.

Steve Cramer – Vice Provost for Instructional Continuity and Academic Affairs