Instructional Continuity Small Grants

Enhancing Student-to-Student Learning for Spring 2021

For spring semester 2021, the campus Instructional Continuity Team, in collaboration with departments, schools and colleges, seeks to enhance and elevate two critical components of learning:

  • Student-to-instructor interaction
  • Student-to-student interaction and learning

To directly support the second objective, the campus Instructional Continuity Team is offering a special small grant opportunity. The grants aim to foster innovative ways for students to interact and share learning virtually with their peers in the context of their academic coursework. The grants are intended for individual instructors or departments that will create substantive opportunities for students to collaborate together within a class or a discipline. Individual instructor grants will be $5,000, and departmental / disciplinary grants will be $15,000.

Requirements & Funding

Proposal Requirements

Proposals should address the theme of student-to-student learning and engagement in digital venues, including synchronous and asynchronous formats, that promote interaction among students within a course or a discipline. Examples may include structured or informal study-partner teams, student work groups or project teams. Awardees will be asked to share their outcomes later in 2021.

Proposals should address:

  • New methods and structures that will allow students to work together on course content, at least several times per week or continuously throughout the semester
  • Ways in which students will be informed and encouraged to participate in these opportunities and what resources will support these interactions
  • Planned implementation in one or more courses in spring 2021
  • Estimated number of students impacted during spring 2021


Funding Details

Individual instructor grants: $5,000.

Departmental/disciplinary grants: $15,000.

Individual instructor grants are intended for a single instructor developing and implementing new opportunities for students in one or more courses for the spring 2021 semester.

Departmental / disciplinary grants are intended for two or more instructors developing and implementing new opportunities for students in two or more courses and/or a discipline for the spring 2021 semester.

These grants use university funds, which will be distributed to the identified department in December 2020 and January 2021, and expire on June 30, 2021. A detailed budget on how the funds will be expended is not required. Expenditures must be in conformance with rules associated with university funds, as well as departmental policies. Please consult with your unit budget contact person for questions on expenditures.

Submit a Proposal

The deadline to submit a proposal has now passed.

  • Proposals were reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis beginning November 30 through December 30.
  • Proposals submitted early and that impact higher numbers of students are most likely to be funded.
  • Regardless of submission date, the proposed work must be implemented for the entire spring 2021 semester.

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